[span3][iconbox_shape animate=’yes’ title=’Responsibility’ icon=’accessibility’]Successful people don’t worry about blame they don’t waste time complaining they make decisions and move on.[/iconbox_shape][/span3]

[span3][iconbox_shape animate=’yes’ title=’Creativity’ icon=’support’]Able to view things in new ways from
different perspective and ready tothink
differently and generate new

[span3][iconbox_shape animate=’yes’ title=’charisma’ icon=’earth’]Be relevant be the person who
Know what’s happening in the world
People want to be with who are in
the know.[/iconbox_shape][/span3]

[span3][iconbox_shape animate=’yes’ title=’intelligent’ icon=’picassa-2′]Being smart and have fresh mind
that always become ready for fetching
all new information to be used
for innovation.[/iconbox_shape][/span3]