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Recently discovered that you or your child has lice? Think they might have it, but maybe it's just a false alarm and you're not quite sure? No matter the case, call me any time – 24/7 – and I'll be here to answer any and all of your lice related questions. Part of why I chose this career is because I know the fear of thinking that my daughter had lice and not knowing what to do about it, and having zero luck trying to treat it with harsh store bought chemicals. That’s why I’m passionate about helping others and being a resource to other parents with the same fears. Whether I treat your family for lice or not, feel free to call me just to ask questions and discuss options. –Alana, Owner of Lice Ninjas

Affordable and Straightforward Pricing

Affordable Flat Rate Pricing

$120 for treatments on hair longer than 5" from scalp

(Usually an hour to 2.5 hours)

$80 for treatments on hair between 2" and 5" from scalp

(Usually 45 minutes to 1.5)

$50 for treatments on hair shorter than 2" from scalp

(Usually 30 minutes to an hour)

Head Checks
$15 for hair longer than 3" $10 for hair under 3"

Available 24/7

We only see one family at a time in our private treatment studio.  Though we're open during the day, most families come to us in the late afternoon and evening, when work and school is over for the day.  You can call or text us 24/7, so we can figure out what will work best for your family's schedule.

Affordable Prices

I offer one of the most affordable options for professional head lice removal in the Pacific Northwest, and I am also one of the fastest. I've perfected my technique over many years so that I can rapidly, yet completely, rid your head of all lice and nits in one sitting.

Highly Recommended

I've been in lice defeating business for many years and helped hundreds of families to rid their families and their homes of lice. Many are return clients and have referred others to me when they hear of friends or family who need to get rid of this pesky nuisance. Check a few of my testimonials below...

Experience the difference that Lice Ninjas offers...

AlanaAt Lice Ninjas, we only treat one family at a time, so you have our undivided care and attention. Without the use of chemicals or mysterious substances, we combat lice, so you don't have to. We do what it really takes to get rid of them: removing all of the lice and their eggs from your hair, leaving you lice free in one day.

We're experienced with all ages and hair types. Most treatments for hair 3" or shorter take 20 to 45 minutes and most treatments longer than 3" take 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Many factors affect to length of treatment, severity of infestation being the most significant.

Lice have built up an immunity to the harsh over-the-counter chemicals that we were once told would be effective in getting rid of lice, which is why getting rid of them can be so hard on your own. You will be given the tools and knowledge necessary to prevent re-infestation and protect your family.

We do everything possible to keep costs low and offer the most affordable rate in the area. You can also pay for lice treatments with HSA or FSA debit card.

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"Alana was fabulous. She took care of my kids' "issues" at our home while I cleaned and did laundry. She taught me how to prevent future problems, gave me the tools and skills I needed. She also checked me, my husband, and the neighbor children who play at our place. I give her my strongest recommendation." –Nv S.

"Lice happens.  Especially considering my child's school doesn't consider lice to be a "health hazard." Meaning kids aren't sent home when they have lice.  Lice Ninjas was VERY thorough, great with kids, well educated and gentle.  Excellent prices too.  She was the ONLY treatment center that returned by phone call & she fit me in within less than 24 hours - on a Sunday!  Her treatments are all organic, pesticide free.  Skip the others and go to Alana!" –Leah S.

"I cannot express my gratitude towards Alana enough. She gave me my sanity back. After days of combing through my hair with a crappy comb and constant olive oil head, I found out about lice treatment professionals. I looked up what there was in my area and Alana was the first to get back to me! She talked to me on the phone before I went in on the different things I could do since I'm low on money but I decided to come in anyways since she offered a discount when paying with cash. She got me right in and took out the hundreds of nits my cruddy plastic nit comb left behind and taught me proper technique and even gave me a stainless steel comb so I can check my hair weekly! That night I combed through my partners hair and got all of his louse and nits out using the technique she taught me and I brought him in the next day to make sure all was done with (I got them all out!) and she even checked me again!! The peace of mind I have now is all thanks to Alana. She is amazing and I'm grateful for what she does." –Marlo C.

"I called Alana (the owner of Lice Ninjas) on a Sunday, feeling desperate : live lice and eggs had been found on my 2 kids, and even on ME!  It was becoming a nightmare. We tried the over the counter treatments like Rid and Nix (which are insecticides!!!) twice, and they didn't work, no matter how carefully we followed the directions. Then I read about lice having formed a resistance to lice shampoos and the drugs used to kill lice. So, don't waste your money or put insecticides on you and your kids' heads. The only way to really get rid of lice and their eggs (nits) is to pick them out, the old fashioned, organic way. Anyhow, Alana listened to my story and was patient, informative, very nice and understanding. She was very flexible, and fit us in to see her at 6pm ... on a Sunday night! She checked and worked on all 3 of us in her cozy salon, while graciously answering our many questions and concerns. Alana is kind, down to earth, funny, and professional! She educated us, and also made herself available by text and phone for follow up questions. She gave us specific instructions for preventive care. Alana is also more affordable than her competition!!! I recommend her!" –Cosmic A.

"This morning I saw what I thought was a live louse on my son's head. After calling around to find someone to check my kids' heads, Lice Ninjas fit me in super fast!  It turned out we do not have lice or nits, but it was a great relief to know and not waste the time. I live in NE Portland and would gladly drive our to see Alana again. She is very thorough and kind to the kids." –Jayne B.

"Alana is wonderful!!! She saved us!!! We had good conversation before during and after. Indeed she knows what she is talking about completely! If you or anyone you know has lice, they need to gel their hair for 13 hours and cover it...use the whole bottle...then go see her immediately! You get a certificate that promises you are lice free!!! It was worth every cent!" –Katie K.


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